About Ben

Ben (full name Benjamin Maurice Silverstone) was born in the Primrose Hill area of Camden, London on 9th April 1979 (Note, this date is a correction from that previously stated on the site). His parents were Anthony and Beverly Silverstone, who sent him to the exclusive private St Paul’s School in Barnes, London. Ben’s breakthrough was via family friend, Mike Figgis who gave him a major role in The Browning Version (1994) as Taplow. His next motion picture was a minor appearance as the young Humbert Humbert in Adrian Lyne’s remake of Lolita (1997). Certainly the biggest role for Ben has been that of Steven Carter in Simon Shore’s directing debut, Get Real (1998). Although no box office smash, Get Real has attained cult status with its fans. Ben continued acting whilst at University in England, appearing in many stage productions at Cambridge. After gaining a First (top class) degree in English in June 2001, Ben┬áhas since left his acting career behind him and is a successful layer working in London.


1994 The Browning Version Taplow
Ben made his debut with director Mike Figgis, who was apparently a family friend. The role of Taplow was a reasonably major part for a debut, but Ben shone as you would expect.
1997 Lolita Young Humbert
Although Ben’s appearance in Lolita was brief (Attitude described it as ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’, it was rememberable). He plays the part of Young Humbert Humbert, who falls in love with a girl named Annabel. Ben has no dialogue in the film as his story is narrated by the older Humbert, Jeremy Irons.
1998 Get Real Steven Carter
Ben’s biggest role, and the one most of us know him for – as Steven Carter in Simon Shore’s Get Real. Based on the stage play by Patrick Wilde, ‘What’s Wrong With Angry?’, Get Real deals with the issues of growing up gay in a heterosexual society.
2007 Jump! Phillip Halsman
The story of real-life Jewish photographer Phillip Halsman who, was jailed in the late 20s after being wrongly conviced for killing his father. Ben plays Halsman, while Patrick Swayze plays his lawyer and Martine McCutcheon plays his sister.

Stage Work:

1998 King Lear Edmund
Ben Silverstone as Edmund succeeded in establishing a real conspiratorial rapport with his audience.
1999 The Whiteheaded Boy
According to a Cambridge critic, “the portrayals of women by Ben Silverstone held the first act together.”
1999 The Duchess of Malfi
At Trinity College. Briefly mentioned in Cambridge’s Varsity Online but very little else.
1999 The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Givola
Set amidst the economic turmoil of gangster controlled Chicago in the ’30s, the play was a direct and thinly veiled attack on German apathy towards the threat of Hitler’s rise to power and a warning to future generations. Ben played the part of Givola.
1999 Near Miss
Unfortunately panned by the critics, “the play was pretentious and sadly unengaging, despite assured production and excellent performances from Ben Silverstone.”
1999 – 2000 The Winter’s Tale Leontes /
a servant
Ben joined the ranks of The European Theatre Group, which takes Cambridge across Europe to play Shakespeare. Ben’s role was that of Leontes, the King of Sicilia.
2001 The Age Of Consent Timmy
Ben took the lead in a new play at the Edinburgh Festival by Peter Morris. The role caused much controversy in the English tabloids due to its subject matter drawing parallels with the child-murderers of James Bulger. However, the reviews were very positive particularly of Ben’s portrail.
2002 The Age Of Consent Timmy
Ben recreated his role as Timmy in an extended run London at the Bush Theatre, Shepard’s Bush.
2002 The Lady’s Not For Burning Richard
Ben appeared in Chichester Festival Theatre in Christopher Fry’s classic twentieth century comedy.
2002 The Tempest Ariel
Ben played Ariel in the UK Tour of Shakespear’s last play, opposite Richard Briers.
2003 Electra Orestes
Ben was Orestes in a new production of Electra by Jean Giraudoux at the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill.
2004 My Boy Jack Jack Kipling
A UK tour about Rudyard Kipling and his son, Jack – played by Ben.
2004 Man and Boy Basil Anthony
Ben had a major role as the son of a crooked global business tycoon.
2005 Man and Boy Basil Anthony
Ben revived his role of Basil Anthony in a major west-end transfer which drew attention from the critics and had him shortlisted for a Times Theatre Award and a London Standard Theatre Award.

Television Work:

2001/2 Shackleton Young Applicant
Ben made a brief apperance in the Kenneth Brannah epic production of Shackleton, aired on Channel 4 over New Year in the UK, and on A&E in April in the US.
2003 Timewatch ‘Through Hell For Hitler’ Henry Metalmann
Ben took the lead role in a BBC 2 drama documenting the life of a German soldier, Henry Metalmann.
2003 Doctors Joe Nyland
Ben had a guest role in the daytime BBC soap, Doctors