Simon & Patrick’s Chat Session

This chat session took place on the 20th January 2001, when we were delighted to have Get Real director Simon Shore and author Patrick Wilde join us in the chat room.

–> [Simon] has joined the Chat room
<pete> Hi Simon
–> [Patrick W] has joined the Chat room
<tash> hallo Simon
<Atlantaguy> Hello Simon
<Allen> Hello Simon!
<Simon> Hi
<Scottie> Hi Simon
<Princess> hey
<tash> Hallo Patrick
<Timbo> hi patrick!
<Andy> Hello Simon and Patrick…
<Jeff> Hi Simon and Patrick!!!!
<Bill> hi
<Allen> Hello Patrick
<Greg Jordan> Hi Simon, patrick
<Bella> Hi Simon and Patrick
<Scottie> Hi Patrick
<pete> Ok guys. The first question is from Tash
<KevinC> hi Simon and Patrick. woohoo!!!!!!
<Simon> Hi Patrick
<Dan> Hi Patrick
<Patrick W> Hi
<Mike> The “deities” have arrived
<Dan> and Simon
<Dan> standing and applauding
<Marcus> hi
<pete> Tash?
<tash> kewll…Ok I was asked to ask this…Simon how many takes did it take for the bedroom kiss scene
<Simon> About seven or eight, I think. Which is quite a lot, because it was a long take.
<tash> thx simon…:)
<John Dixon> What were your concerns transitioning the play to screen (both of you)
<Patrick W> John Dixon!!!!
<pete> and that’s his real name πŸ™‚
<John Dixon> Yes that is my real name
<Patrick W> “All characters portrayed in this movie….etc”
<John Dixon> When am I going to get residuals?
<Mike> Though I haven’t seen the play, I read it, and I noticed that Steven ends up much angrier, and John doesn’t seem to be as loving towards him. Was this an intentional way to bring the movie to a broader audience?
<Edward> Patrick it looks like your character has become real!!
<Atlantaguy> Patrick… I just wanted to say thanks for the STORY.. I think that is what moved me the most.
<pete> one question at a time please guys
<Patrick W> Er……
<Simon> That needs a long answer, really. Main things were the usual play to screen issues; making it more visual and less dependant on the spoken word
<Patrick W> Main problem with translating play to film was making it appeal to a broader church
<Patrick W> Play, as some will know, is much more political
<Atlantaguy> Patrick… Was any consideration given to casting Gay actors?
<Patrick W> No, you choose the best actors available – yes, Simon?
<Simon> exactly
<pete> andy, you have a question?
<Andy> Simon and Patrick will you be teaming up to make any other gay themed films in the future
<Patrick W> after you, Simon!
<Simon> Well, we are maybe about to start working on a project together – a bit too soon to say what – but it does have a gay character in it…
<Patrick W> you heard it here first!
<Scottie> lol
<Timbo> kewl
<Bella> kewl
<Andy> great thanks…
<Mike> you know who you should cast!
<Greg Jordan> Andy sorta touched on mine. I was going to ask you both what projects you’re currently working on and will we get the opportunity to read or see them… this work was so great, we must see more…
<Simon> You guys will be the first to hear!
<Patrick W> Been doing a lot of TV recently – good new series called As If – on Channel 4 and E4 soon
<Atlantaguy> Umm… I just wanted to say to Patrick. Thanks for the story.. It really touched my life
<Patrick W> Thanks, I’m so please it has touched so many people
<Edward> I guess we are all a bit touched… Oops that doesn’t sound right!!!
<Dan> lol
<John Dixon> Any projects with Ben in the forseeable future
<Patrick W> Coz it was hell to live through πŸ™‚
<Bill> Patrick, I’m 16 years old and I think ‘get real’ echoed my life perfectly, such empathy, surely you MUST have lived through some of that stuff yourself so is GR autobiographical or what?
<tom L> patrick, i read about the recent equalization (finally) of age of consent. I think “What’s Wrong with Angry/Get Real” opened some minds. Thanks
<Patrick W> Love to think the film helped in the age of consent thing.
<Patrick W> But the movement to change has been going on for a while involving many good people
<tom L> but you helped..thanks
<Atlantaguy> Here in the States… It’s still fucked up.. Concent laws.
<Allen> Patrick and Simon, My thanks for a great movie.
<Patrick W> I only did it for the money:-)
<Simon> You mean you got paid?
<Allen> How much control Patrick did Simon allow you in developing the movie?
<Patrick W> not as much as you, simon!
<Patrick W> None at all.
<Simon> Methinks the lady doth protest too much
<Scottie> hehe
<Bella> lol
<Patrick W> Simon was great!
<Patrick W> and we worked very closely on the script.
<Simon> For a long time
<Patrick W> a VERY long time!
<tash> lol
<Patrick W> I was 16 when we started
<Timbo> lol
<Allen> Did you think the play NEEDED to be translated or changed to produce such a great movie?
<Scottie> lol
<tash> lol
<Dan> LOL
<Andy> lol..
<Jeff> about the soundtrack; how did you choose the songs? Thanks for the movie, it has touched me deeply and brought back many memories from high school…thank you from a grateful Canadian.
<Simon> Yes, I choose the songs – along with some of the actors
<John Dixon> Patrick, did you catch the play in LA
<Patrick W> no – it slipped through my fingers!
<vyvrik & nentner> hi guys, patrick- any news on the whats wrong with angry in oz front?
<Simon> Allen, the play was directed very much at a UK audience. Translating it to the screen certainly made it more accessible to a wider audience
<John Dixon> you feel it in your fingers
<Samamfa> A question for Simon–I have read a lot of viewer comments that suggested that John isn’t a sympathetic character. Do you perceive it that way?
<Patrick W> Heard the play went well in La. didn’t see it. Looking to plan ahead for Oz – Mardi Gras next year?
<Allen> Thanks Simon
<Andy2> It seem as important in Steven’s life as portrayed by Ben. Any thoughts, Patrick??
<Bill> O,K, then Patrick WAS it autobiographical or what???
<Simon> Samamfa – well, I think people identify with Steven in the film and John isn’t always sympathetic to him, so I guess that’s why
<Simon> Patrick didn’t like John much…
<Patrick W> Bill – yes, the love story was autobiographical
<John Dixon> I am definetly sympathetic to Steven!
<Bill> I didn’t like John
<Patrick W> and any writer must write from some kind of personal experience
<John Dixon> Why don’t you like me?
<tom L> lol:o)
<Mike> lol
<Greg Jordan> lol
<jean> What is it like to have to “let go” of your creation and open it up to a million and one interpretations? ie John and Steven live happily ever after or John is actually bisexual, that sort of thing?
<Samamfa> I teach in a high school, and I can tell you Patrick that I work with just as many Johns as Stevens, and their situation is completely heartbreaking.
<Patrick W> Samamfa – i’m sure you’re right -it’s still as hard as it ever was to come out in some places
<Bill> well, I wish there were more Steven’s at my school
<Patrick W> easier to be gay once you’re out
<slayrdave> good one Jean
<Simon> I think it is great that the film has caused so much speculation and thought. Like the play, we intended the love story to be open-ended
<Patrick W> but just as hard to say those words to someone for the first time
<Atlantaguy> I think all gay teens want a Steven in their life. I know I would have.
<Mike> Patrick, the movie comes off much more as a romantic comedy than a political/coming out story. Any regret to that?
<John Dixon> I know when I went to highschool I could relate to John (me) much more than to Steve
<Patrick W> Atlantaguy – some gay teens want a Patrick in their lives!
<Dan> lol
<Timbo> lol
<Princess> lol
<tash> lol
<Allen> lol
<Scottie> lol
<Atlantaguy> Patrick W My husband is named Patrick hehehe :-))
<Bella> rofl
<Edward> LOL
<Doug> lol
<Scottie> lol
<Patrick W> Mike – no regrets, the film is what is it, the play is what it is. I’m proud of both.
<Dan> bravo
<tom L> they each are great in their own way
<Atlantaguy> I hated John Dixon.. πŸ™
<Andy> Have either of you worked with any of the cast in anything else since the making of Get Real?
<John Dixon> It’s tough to see my name being hated
<Bill> I someone going to ask about John’s parents?
<Simon> I got an email from Ben today. He’s hard at work at Cambridge; so much so that he has just turned down an offer to play Romeo at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.
<Patrick W> Not worked with any of the cast since.
<tash> wow
<Mike> wow. . . though I guess I can relate to being too busy with school
<Edward> Ben would be a great Romeo!!
<Patrick W> So, simon, Ben’s still talking to you?
<pete> lol
<Robbw> lol
<tom L> πŸ˜‰
<Patrick W> He never writes, he never phones…..
<Allen> Jealous Patrick….I am!
<Edward> Okay, here is my Question: Patrick, writers sometimes feel their characters are real. How would you have continued the story after Steven leaves John on the bench??
<tash> lol
<Mike> So am I!
<Dan> green
<Edward> the story after Steve leaves John on the bench
<Patrick W> Not jealous – he owes me ten pounds, that’s all
<Mike> lol
<tash> lolololol
<Dan> LOL
<Scottie> hehe
<Simon> I’ll mention it next time I talk to him
<Patrick W> never really thought beyond the final scene – just assume steven will be happy, and john has a lot to learn
<vyvrik & nentner> mardi gras is a great time, just as long as YOUR play doesn’t get swallowed up in all the load of other stuff at the time! we dont want that !?
<Edward> Have you read any of the Fan Fiction??
<Patrick W> Hate to get swallowed up at Mardi Gras!
<vyvrik & nentner> hehhehheh
<Timbo> teehee
<tash> hehehh
<KevinC> I thought that was the reason to go to Mardi gras
<Edward> LOL@Patrick!!
<pete> bella, princess, andy, jeff, bill,
<Bella> Hi Guys, do you still see or keep in contact with the cast and crew?
<Bella> apart from the Β£10 that is
<Patrick W> Still in contact with Ben, some times Stacey
<Simon> Yes – with quite a lot of them; they just don’t talk to Patrick
<Bella> lol
<Robbw> lol
<Scottie> lol
<tash> lol
<Edward> Poor Patrick!!
<Greg Jordan> lol
<Patrick W> But “show biz” is very like that – you move on to the next project
<Princess> patrick: is the way brad and ben played john & stephen very different from how you imagined the characters when writing the story?
<Simon> good question
<Allen> ditto
<Princess> he said good question!!!\ πŸ˜‰
<Timbo> it was
<Patrick W> No, they were great – I think Brad is very underrated for his performance – there’s no site! Think he was amazing
<Simon> me too
<Princess> there is
<tash> me too
<Bella> me also
<Simon> really?
<Edward> Yes, Brad has a site!!
<Simon> cool
<Atlantaguy> Maybe because he has such an unlikable role?
<Mike> I think Steven’s character puled at everyone’s heart strings
<Patrick W> You doing a chat session there later, Simon?
<Greg Jordan> I agree Patrick
<Mike> err. . . Ben’s portrayal of Steven
<Princess> yep
<Princess> i’m a member
<Allen> me too!
<Timbo> shhh dont tell pete!
<Allen> ooope!
<Princess> lol@t
<pete> too late – I provided the piccies
<Patrick W> Tart!
<Rosie.D.> so kind
<Scottie> lol
–> [HANS…] has joined the Chat room
<HANS…> hello?!
<Patrick W> hello
<HANS…> hello?
<Simon> hello
<HANS…> hey patrick!
<Andy> sorry Pete can’t get my act together today…
<HANS…> are you the director?
<Simon> yes, if you mean me
<John Dixon> at the play in LA it looked like the director cast lookalikes for both John and Steven’s part. I think the film wa major influence
<Patrick W> no I’m the writer – Simon’s the director
<HANS…> yeah!!!
<HANS…> simon????
<Andy> In retrospect would you change anything about the film…. Simon or Patrick…
<HANS…> please?
<Simon> when we were casting the film, it was hard not to be influenced by the casting of the play.
<Patrick W> still see him ,have forgiven him, but then, he did give me my career! πŸ™‚
<Timbo> wow
<HANS…> when will there be castings for your next film?
<Simon> I wouldn’t change anything major, I think; only little technical things (which is always the case)
<Patrick W> Simon, HANS wants an audition
<Stasia> Pete, why are you letting this Hans guy butt in??
<Bella> no..!
<Simon> You haven’t written it yet!
<Scottie> who is Hans
<Atlantaguy> So Steven WAS Patrick W?
<tony> maybe he does but is now the time
<Edward> Agree with Tony!!
<Patrick W> In a manner of speaking – but I wasn’t 16 when i had my Jon Dixon experience.
<Simon> hans there is no script yet!
<Allen> How old were you Patrick?
<HANS…> can i help writing!!!!?????
<Patrick W> I really wanted to write about how hard it is to be yourself even now.
<HANS…> i am now working with our theatre company on “HOLD ME”
<Simon> you’d better ask Patrick, hans
<Patrick W> thanks, simon!
<alex> hans…chill dude, you will be dead of cardiac arrest before the script is written!!!
<pete> hans – sorry, but there’s a queue of people waiting to ask questions
<HANS…> NO!!! i am not that kind of BOY!!!
<slayrdave> don’t stop now Patrick ,give us more!!!!!
<HANS…> i want my answer now!
<Patrick W> Where’ve i heard that before???
<Edward> Hans is about to get booted!!
<HANS…> it is a play!!! in DUTCH!!!
<Stasia> I think Hans is drunk
<tash> lol
<Rosie.D.> i think hans is a nonnie
<HANS…> no i am not, really!!!!
<Scottie> he certainly has a problem
<Stasia> Lets let Patrick and Simon speak
<HANS…> NOPE!!! today i had to rehearse all day and i would like to do a movie!!!
<Allen> next ?
<HANS…> i am next!
<Hiro> no, you are not, hans
<pete> hans. please.
<HANS…> fuck off!!!
<tash> Hans where are you from?
<Stasia> Pete, lose this guy
<Simon> that explains everything
<Rosie.D.> nuff said
<Dan> slam
<Patrick W> beat me to it, Simon!
<Bella> Hans, als je bent uit Nederland – a.u.b. flikker op
<Allen> ditto to Dan!
<Jeff> Is the story also about demons youngsters have to fight before accepting themselves? (Like John’s character)? I see it as important as Steven’s own evolution…intentional or personal view?
<alex> i think i smell waffles burning???
<Jeff> please, lose the guy, I;’m annoyed here!
<Edward> LOL@Alex
<pete> if you wish to ignore hans, please select his name in the list and press the ignore button on the right.
<Princess> done
<Stasia> Thanks pete
<Greg Jordan> ah cool… thanks
<Jeff> done too!
<Bella> kewl – done
<Edward> Bye Hans!!
<Andy> great…
<Patrick W> Yes Jeff
–> [HANS…] has left the Chat room
<Timbo> yipee
<Dan> whew
<Allen> bye bye
<Stasia> He’s a right twat! πŸ™‚
<Bella> thank god
<Edward> he got the hint!!
<Patrick W> I think all young people have things to confront – I just believe that sexuality cuts to the core of who you are, especially when your hormones are running rampant!
<alex> brilliant!!!!!!
<Jeff> so it was intentional then?
<slayrdave> so Patrick,what would it cost us for a follow up ?
<Patrick W> So damage to your self-esteem as a teenager can last a life time
–> [Guy from Belgium] has joined the Chat room
<Dan> LOL
<Guy from belgium> hi
<Mike> Can anyone say fundraiser?
<Patrick W> Speak to my agent
<Edward> Oh no… he’s BACK!!
<Simon> hi
<Atlanta guy> He’s back..
<Bill> I know John’s parents are more like props than people but WERE they supposed to be thinking anything as Steven made his speech?? they looked stressed.
<Stasia> Oh no, is that Hans in disguise?
<Guy from belgium> i am the devil in disguise!!!
<Patrick W> Simon – u want to take Bil’s question
<Mike> good question bill
<tash> no really Stasia I didn’t think he’d be that stupid…lol
<Simon> yes, John’s parents were thinking all kinds of things, I think. They knew their son had been lying to them, and that he had been hanging out with Steven and they don’t know who else knows this…
<Guy from belgium> the devil in disguise that is why i am singing this song!
<Andy2> Patrick, I am writing an article on the importance of dance in gay films and GR figures prominently. I feel dance is more central to the plot and character in the play than the film. Any thoughts?
<pete> ignore guy from Belgium
–> [Guy from Belgium] has left the Chat room
<Bill> so they ARE worried about what people will think then?
<Edward> William did such a good job explaining the pained look on their faces in his story in fanfic
<tom L> simon, what movie is playing when steven, mark, jessica and wendy go to the movies?
<Simon> yes, bill. They’re not quite sure what john’s relationship to Steven is, but they know he has been lying about it – so he has something to hide.
<Bill> they MUST have known
<Patrick W> Andy 2
<Patrick W> Dance in the play is used a lot
<Patrick W> as metaphor for state of mind#
<Patrick W> at the begining
<Patrick W> at the disco
<Patrick W> gay disco –
<Samamfa> Unless they were in denial, which many parents of gay kids are, for example Steven’s dad through most of the movie.
<Andy2> Yes I loved that about the play.
<Mike> It’s very easy to believe what you want to believe
<Simon> tom L, well, it’s footage which we shot. We shot the bench scene twice and I didn’t like it the first time – too dark and moody and depressing so we did it again and we used the first one to project in the movie theatre scene.
<Patrick W> and at the end to represent Steve’s defiance
<Bill> my father’s like that
<tom L> fascinating, thanks simon!
<Patrick W> It’s a double edged sword, though,
<Princess> wow, cool
<Andy2> Yes, definitely. In the film it seems to be more of a romantic device.
<Dan> kewl
<Patrick W> as Hutton says, most gay men just “turn the music up”!
<Mike> You know, I’ve completely forgotten what wonderful question I was going to ask
<Andy2> Right!
<Simon> So what you see on the movie screen is actually Ben walking towards Brad on the bench. There’s one thing none of you spotted!
<Dan> lol
<tash> I did….:)
<Scottie> what
<tom L> lol ha ha
<Mike> what?
<Greg Jordan> thats amazing.. I’ll have to watch for that next time
<Mike> I missed that
<Dan> now I will just have to watch the film again
<Allen> I noticed!
<Timbo> me too
<Princess> allen- you didn’t tell us
<Robbw> me too
<tash> ok I didn’t pete told me…lol
<Allen> we discussed it!
<Simon> what? you recognised that it was Ben and Brad?
<Andy2> Patrick, may I quote you in the article, maybe use that line for the title?
<Patrick W> with pleasure.
<Edward> Simon, now that is Trivia we some how missed!!
<tash> yes you can see the grass and the bench…tee heee
<Andy2> Many thanks! Can’t wait for your next play!
<Allen> The female voice over even names BRAD!
<Patrick W> nor can I!
<Scottie> a lot of us did Simon back last March
<Simon> I must try harder next time
<Andy2> I’ll send you the article.
<Princess> come to Australia, we’re not striking
<Allen> will it be picked up do you think?
<Jeff> Have you read the fanfics? what do you think? (solid comments please…!!!)Anything unexpected?
<Patrick W> some of you are very stiking!
<Princess> damn
<Timbo> why thanks
<Allen> was that striking or stinking?
<Dan> lol
<Bill> god no, Australia is lovely come here
<Mike> My thoughts exactly, Allen
<Patrick W> striking!
<Allen> just wanted to make sure!
<Allen> LOL
<Simon> I think it will happen eventually. I mentioned to Patrick that we were running into trouble because of the SAG (screen actors guild) strike and he thought I said the FAG strike
<Robbw> lol
<Patrick W> So, i can’t write, my secrets out!
<Dan> same thing
<Princess> ha, ha
<Andy> lol…
<Allen> LOL @ Simon!!!
<Edward> Where is Lloyd when you need him!! Royal Editor!!
<tom L> hee hee
<Doug> lol
<tash> lol@S
<John_W> lol
<Mike> poor Lloyd, missing all this
<tom L> if it was a FAG strike, a LOT of actors I know would be out of work
<Jeff> Is at work right now, at his grand despair. He told me to transmit his royal salutations to our guests!!!!
<Simon> lol
<Patrick W> lol
<Atlanta guy> Ok.. Patrick.. If Steven is “you” then tell me how closely Ben is to Steven? How did he do with your expectations?
<Patrick W> well…….
<Atlanta guy> IN other words.. How much is Ben and How much is Steven?
<Patrick W> at 16 I was cute, intelligent, witty,
<Patrick W> so he did great
<Stasia> You STILL are Patrick!
<Allen> Still are Patrick!
<tom L> lol@P
<Dan> ditto
<Patrick W> seriously – Steven is only based on me
<Patrick W> and Ben’s perf is based on my script, Simons direction and Ben’s personality
<tash> lol@P
<Mike> That was my question!
<Patrick W> I thought he was great, but my diction is better
<Bill> so, patrick were you picking up guys in
toilets at 16 then?
<Mike> lol
<tom L> patrick, you are still looking good! You probably have a picture decaying in the attic
<Jeff> is there any twist or special situations that catch your attention? (to both of you)
<Stasia> Better than out of toilets
<Simon> they really used to go for his diction
<Edward> LOL@bill
<Dan> LOL
<Patrick W> They couldn’t afford me!
<slayrdave> good answer
<Scottie> lol@P
<Princess> lol
<Greg> cash or charge P
<Patrick W> see my agent!!!!
<tash> greg…
<Simon> to be honest jeff, I haven’t read them for a while
<Princess> but you actually read them once?
<slayrdave> they couldn’t,but in time we………………
<Robbw> VISA, it’s everywhere you want to be
<Simon> yes
<pete> patrick – should I tell them whose photo you originally asked me to put on the banner instead of your mug shot?
<Edward> LOL@Robb
<Princess> tell pete
<Mike> Then you haven’t read my (sarcastic grin) “masterpiece”
<tom L> whose photo?
<Patrick W> like i can stop you!
<Allen> yes pete do tell
<Greg> lol
<pete> oh, you probably could πŸ™‚
<Rosie.D.> your flexible friend!!
<KevinC> c’mon pete, let’s have the dirt
<Mike> ooh, dirt
<Princess> let it out
<Samamfa> Simon, did the actors have much opportunity to improvise? There’s a great moment where Ben sniffs his shirt and makes a face. How many of those little nuances were Ben’s and Brad’s?
<Greg> why didn’t auction off that shirt!
<Edward> We’ve forgot about Linda… was she in the play??
<Mike> lol . . . that’d be an expensive item
<Patrick W> Character of linda is in the play
<Simon> There was no improvising of dialogue , but lots of little moments were improvised. The shirt thing was in the script (and in the play)
<slayrdave> can anyone say ebay !!!!!
<Robbw> lol
<Patrick W> based on a very good friend of mine who played it on stage
<Allen> no ebay…just this site!
<tony> Patrick & Simon, some friends of mine in basingstoke introduced me to a guy called Dan I think, who said he was in the film at the time of filming, he wasn’t but do either of you remember him ?
<Edward> Charlotte did a great job too!!
<Greg Jordan> Yes, she really did
<Patrick W> Tony – what’s his surname/
<Mike> maybe it could make enough money to fund GR 2
<Andy> Simon and Patrick… you produced a fantastic work of art with Get Real. It’s touched us all deeply! I think we would all like to keep up with your work… what’s the best way?
<Simon> There was a guy called Dan who was an extra in a lot of scenes
<tony> No but I know he was about 17 and did hang around the film crew etc
<Andy2> Just wanted to add something little time is devoted to on Benlist, Simon. You did a PHENOMENAL job with the supporting cast — I LOVE Jessica, Mark and Mrs. Carter, especially! Thanks!
<Patrick W> Thanks Andy2
<Simon> Thanks
<Patrick W> best way to keep up is on this site!
<Jeff> great indeed, I agree with andy2
<Simon> ditto
<Patrick W> Friend of mine called dan auditioned but didn’t get a part – he’s doing well now.
<Jeff> Pete, see what you created!!!! You’re the best!
<Robbw> agreed Jeff
<Robbw> Pete is awesome
<Greg Jordan> I second that emotion
<alex> Did funding from the National Lottery give you more freedom than standard funding?
<tash> yes bless ‘im..
<Simon> it made the difference between making the film and not making it
<Patrick W> Pete – correct my spelling in transcript or I’ll never work again!
<Timbo> wow
<Robbw> lol
<tom L> simon, i love the way you began the steven/john scene in the woods with the close ups on the cigarette and the eyes. Was that your idea, or your editor?
<Patrick W> particular problem with excalamation marks
<Edward> LOL@Patrick
<Dan> lol@Patrick
<pete> will do πŸ™‚
<Mike> Since there was no improvising with dialogue, those witty lines that come out of Ben’s mouth were scri[pted. Still, he pulled them off well. How much of that wit was evident in his audition? He did a great job with it!
<Patrick W> Over 2 you simon
<Simon> Well, I think I did the close ups with a view to starting the scene like that , but I would have given Barrie the editor a choice – although I discuss most things with him before I shoot
<Simon> Ben’s audition reduced us to tears
<pete> I have a question. Will you both come “back to Basingstoke” this summer?
<Simon> Brad was fantastic, too
<Patrick W> But there was no alternative!
<Samamfa> Simon and Patrick, how much was “Get Real” promoted in the U.S.? I read about the film by chance, really? Are you still in awe of what a cult classic of sorts it has become?
<Mike> tears, eh? What did he do?
<Mike> Which part?
<Simon> If I’m free, I’d love to return to Basingstoke
<Jeff> It made our G/L film festival here in Montreal, that’s how I knew about it!
<Patrick W> Thought US promotion was good compared to UK
<tom L> it played over 3 months here in NYC area
<Patrick W> thought promotion of Third reich in Uk better than promotion of GR in UK!
<Allen> Really Patrick…heard almost nothing of it…here in NY!
<Atlanta guy> I didn’t know about Get Real.
<Robbw> I hadn’t heard of it and just stumbled acrossed it on Sundance
<Bill> there was no publicity here in backwater Australia believe me!
<Princess> it was in both our papers here in australia
<Atlanta guy> I got it as a suprise for my Bday
<Simon> Completely in awe. It was very well handled in the US, I think, but in terms of a minority film. They didn’t do any TV or radio ads, but the campaign – for the budget they had allowed (which was low) was well done I think
<Stasia> I saw it by chance on the movie channel last week
<Bella> I heard it from Pete -he took me to the cinema they used in the film
<Rosie.D.> i live in basingstoke and didn’t know about it !!!
<slayrdave> trying to organize a showing Of GR once a year at a local promote it’s message and give some a chance to see it on the big screen
<Patrick W> Lot of local coverage in Basingstoke.
<Timbo> it played in dallas about 5 weeks
<Simon> The UK was a different matter. People who knew about the film and knew it was coming out missed it!
<Greg Jordan> Slayrdave let me know if you succeed, I ‘d love to see it on the big screen
<Jeff> Very well received in Montreal, as I witnessed!
<tony> I understand there were a number of confused faces in the cinema in basingstoke on opening night
<Rosie.D.> heard about the filming,but didn’t have a clue about content!
<Robbw> That is a good idea Slayr, I will have to try that here in Virginia Beach
<Simon> thanks, slayrdave
<tash> Simon..did Brad know he’d have to do the naked scene or was that added later?
<tom L> i saw GR 5 or 6 times in NYC cinemas-went over very well
<Simon> brad knew
<tash> cor….blush blush
<Jeff> it was done with taste, congratulations (no useless shots…)
<Patrick W> Don’t think Basingstoke was expecting GR, which was part of the point of setting it there.
<Dan> Simon, who’s idea was the face “scrunching” that Ben does when he leaves the field with Linds at the end…it is so cute
<Simon> basingstoke audiences (some of them) went because it was their town and not because of the subject
<Edward> Where is the play set??
<Simon> dan – the scrunching was all ben
<Dan> bless him….
<Mike> tee hee. . . . he’s good at it
<tash> it was done with taste but..well…sigh
<tony> I wish I was there to se them/it
<Simon> edward – basingstoke, of course
<Rosie.D.> bless
<Mike> (looking adorable, that is)
<Patrick W> Basingstoke is about 40 miles Sw of london
<Allen> <swooning>
<Bill> there’d be a riot if you tried to show GR at the cinema here
<Patrick W> where r u Bill?
<Bill> rural Australia
<Simon> you need to get your keyboard sorted, patrick – I thought you were just bad at typing!
<Patrick W> They should be made to watch it. We have to suffer neighbours!
<alex> hang in there Bill!!!
<tom L> bill, my friend in Perth saw GR in an Aussie cinema
<Princess> Do you think John Dixon would ‘come out’ eventually or would he end up like “gorgeous glen” like many here have predicted?
<Bill> VERY strong catholic community
<Bill> not in a country town though
<Patrick W> Simon – just typing much fater than you!
<Patrick W> and faster!!!!!
<Dan> lol
<Edward> LOL
<Bill> sorry about neighbours and home and away while I’m at it
<tash> so thats where all the episodes of neighbours went…lol
<Simon> princess – we thought he’d maybe end up like glen, although he is going to oxford…
<Princess> by the way, we’re made to suffer neighbours too
<Princess> damn, i was more sorry for john
<Patrick W> It’s your own fault!
<Simon> no-one types as fat as you patrick
<Dan> LOL
<Bella> lol
<tom L> he he
<Andy> Simon and Pete… we each know how greatly GR has changed our lives…. how about yours…??
<pete> god – a question for me??
<Greg> lol
<Patrick W> Well, i tend to find myself in a chat room on a Saturday night
<Andy> sorry… I meant Patrick… but Pete how about you too…
<Dan> lol
<Scottie2> thank you P
<pete> under what pseudonym?
<Patrick W> THIS chat room!
<Scottie2> lol
<Patrick W> The other chat room is…..
<Stasia> We appreciate you being here, if that helps any!
<pete> Andy – jeeze. Well, this site celebrates it’s birthday next month, and for me it has been the greatest honour in the last 11 months
<Scottie2> bravo Pete
<Simon> what date, pete?
<tom L> thank you pete!
<Dan> bravo, Pete
<Patrick W> cheers Pete
<Robbw> Thank you Pete
<pete> 27th Feb, I think of the top of my head
<Scottie2> 27th Feb
<Bella> Pete, what can I say…
<Andy> well we appreciate everything you have done here Pete… created quite a little home for us…
<Jeff> Let’s bow before Pete!!!!
<Rosie.D.> we’re proud of you pete
<Mike> when? There should be a special chat session to commemorate it
<Greg Jordan> very much so
<alex> Thank you Pete-ster!
<Princess> all hail pete
<Mike> <~~~~~bowing to pete
<Rosie.D.> i thought it was 26
<Greg> Simon or Patrick: does Ben realize how much of a cult film GR has become…and does he realize how many fans he has…. does that make him uncomfortable because a large majority of his fans are gay?
<pete> send Ben round in a bow πŸ™‚
<Allen> 3 cheers for PETE!
<tash> hero status for pete I think…:)
<Princess> oh and patrick and simon are ok too
<John_W> great job Pete
<Robbw> You have created a “family” for all of us
<Dan> <choke>
<Mike> yeah, wrapped up all pretty as a gift for Pete
<Patrick W> Greg – Ben’s thrilled about the site and the way you guys appreciate the film
<Atlanta guy> I often wonder if Ben realizes what he’s done…
<Mike> I wonder if he’s freaked by this following
<Princess> Is stephen really as free and relieved as he appears at the end? do you consider it a happy ending or was there ever a thought of ending the play a different way as you wrote it patrick?
<Greg> excellent
<Mike> We’re all normal people (for the most part) . . . he has nothing to be afraid of! He should come visit
<Princess> and bring brad with him πŸ˜‰
<Simon> greg – no, Ben has answered this before, I think. He does realise about the success of the film, of course, and I think he is unfazed by his gay following, Like us, he’s just pleased that the film has touched so many people.
<Andy> Simon and Patrick… you know we think the world of you two… tell Ben we think the same of him too…
<Patrick W> He has got something to be afraid of – he owes me that ten pounds
<Simon> Mike – Ben did visit, you know…
<Scottie2> lol
<Dan> lol
<pete> lol@patrick
<Mike> I know, I missed that
<Mike> Wasn’t around back then
<Robbw> me either
<Jeff> missed it too, bloody hell!
<Princess> i was there
<Greg Jordan> Forgive the interest, at least
<Allen> yes Pricness…we know!
<tash> lol@P
<Princess> nar, nar, nar
<Timbo> maybe he will visit again
<Robbw> hopefully
<Scottie2> maybe
<Simon> Ben did say that he might turn up to Basingstoke this summer if he is free
<Greg> hopefully
<Patrick W> what? come down on earth amongst us/
<Scottie2> yes he did
<Samamfa> Simon, Patrick, or Pete–is there a concern on Ben’s part because of the film that he will be typecast in the future?
<Allen> <fingers crossed>
<Jeff> Basingstoke is so far though!!!! Hope I could make it!
<Dan> lol@Patrick
<Greg> lol@P
<Princess> we could always invite him to the canada meet guys πŸ˜‰
<Mike> Yeah, but on a poor college student “salary”, I’ll have to miss that, too. Plane tickets from Berkeley CA to the UK are expensive
<Rosie.D.> but so worth it!
<Stasia> Jeff, I will go with you, maybe we can swing an airfare deal
<Simon> Well, he just turned down the chance of playing Romeo
<Allen> Yes princes….for June meeting!
<Jeff> great idea Princess! His Lordship would be honored!
<Robbw> They are expensive from Virginia to UK also
<Timbo> Simon can u and Patrick come to Toronto Pride week this summer?
<pete> especially with rosie on the door to take your cash πŸ™‚
<Bella> Yea I know, went to Cal for the play
<Patrick W> Love to – qwhen is it
<Jeff> yeah? Can you?>
<Princess> can you imagine ben turning up at laries
<Allen> Patrick June 23-24th
<Simon> timbo – I think I might be shooting this summer…
<Patrick W> qwhen is an old English word.
<Greg> it’s near the end of June Patrick
<Rosie.D.> i’m there i’ll cancel any family birthdays
<Greg> Pride week around the world
<alex> birfdays are phat
<Allen> Missing NY pride to travel to Toronto!
<tom L> unfortunately I must depart…thanks Patrick & Simon, I wouldn’t kick either one of you out of bed for eatin’ biscuits. You’ve truly enriched our lives.
<Jeff> but Toronto is one of the biggest in America!
<Princess> if they come i’m definitely coming, i don’t care if i have to street walk to raise the fair
<Simon> I might be shooting in Toronto in June, 2002, though
<Patrick W> cheers toml
<Allen> you’re not now Princess?
<Jeff> come on Princess, put some royal arguments !
<Simon> thanks tom l
<Patrick W> So, you proposition me and then leave!
<Princess> i live in australia and i’m a student, you tell me how i’m paying for it
<vyvrik & nentner> patrick ur so funny πŸ™‚ quen hehheh
<Jeff> keep up updated SImon, we’re a couple of Canadians not afraid to travel!
<Timbo> your welcome Simon
<Simon> will do
<Edward> Toronto’s parade is the biggest…. we have the CN tour wor inspiration!!
<Jeff> Court Jester; doing well in your position!!!
<Princess> try the sydney gay and lesbian madi gras for big
<Greg> that’s true Edward….. went last time
<pete> are there any questions left unanswered?
<Patrick W> size isn’t supposed to matter!!!!
<Scottie2> lol
<Stasia> How old are Patrick and Simon?
<Robbw> lol
<Edward> That was Tower!! heheheheh Editor!!!
<Princess> yeah…..when are patrick and simon coming back?
<Allen> Will think of plenty AFTER the chat pete!
<Mike> Just this: how much money would convince you to do a GR 2?
<Simon> old patrick and simon fine, how you
<Patrick W> Is that together?
<Samamfa> Where was Ben offered the plum part of Romeo? And what might you be shooting, Simon?
<Jeff> I would like to ask if Brad is also aware of this site and the way the movie touched so many people ?
<Greg> Patrick …. size totally matters
<Mike> If Princess is street walking, maybe we can raise enough money! πŸ™‚
<Dan> ditto
<Princess> simon, i got that joke, that was carey grant wasn’t it
<Stasia> I guess that means I don’t get an answer πŸ™‚
<Patrick W> Greg- we should meet.
<Princess> btw, thanks mike πŸ˜‰
<Greg> It’s a date
<Patrick W> πŸ™‚
<Andy> lol… you should Patrick… Greg is a dreamboat…
<Timbo> Greg u hussy!
<tash> yes he is
<Princess> ohhh, greg and patrick in a room together, i’d pay to see that
<Simon> Ben turned down chance to play Romeo at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, I believe. And I may be shooting my – untitled – film about twins in Canada next year
<Allen> ditto to TImbo
<tash> you’d have to cassy
<Greg> lol
<Mike> You could raise a few million, right princess?
<Stasia> Toronto?
<Simon> I guess so
<Princess> i could indeed, i’m a dreamboat myself
<Jeff> I’ve seen the pic, you are Princess!!!
<Doug> yes you are
<Princess> aww jeff <blush> now try saying some nice things about my fanfic in front of patrick and simon
<Allen> Patrick….anything we could be looking for in the near future….
<Robbw> I guess I need to start looking at the BenCards in the near future….
<Andy> Patrick where can we read or see more of your plays…
<Patrick W> In Uk – Monarch of The gel next Sunday – new series called As If –
<Andy> how about in the US…
<Princess> you guys should see how we all scream and pull out our hair with excitement after you leave the room
<Scottie2> good Scotland..see you up here P
<Patrick W> adapting Paul Monette’s book Becoming A Man for a feature
<Timbo> I have a question for Patrick and Simon
<Simon> is it about hairdressing, Patrick?
<Greg> lol
<pete> patrick – what’s the latest with Becoming A Man?
<Mike> tee hee, It’s 1:30 in the afternoon here
<Patrick W> Nothing coming to the US in near future
<alex> vampires are still sleeping in the US…except in DC
<Dan> lol@alex
<Timbo> Would you consider supporting a weekly TV series based on GR?
<Mike> weeping with you, alex
<Robbw> lol@alex
<Patrick W> Still at script stage – got to finish it before the writer’s strike!
<Scottie2> hurry P
<Dan> great idea, Timbo
<Jeff> would it be appropriate, I mean the subject and the weekly TV?
<Simon> Timbo – why not?
<tash> why does everybody strike in the summer?
<Dan> so they can travel
<pete> so they can get to the beach?
<Scottie2> for holidays
<Allen> easier on the picket lines…
<tash> ah ha..:)
<Greg> it’s easier to picket Tash
<Allen> getting tan,,,etc
<Dan> work on your tan
<Timbo> does anyone remember my so-called life with clair danes
<tash> who’d want to swim…I’ve seen the sharks…
<Dan> yes, T
<Robbw> I do Timbo
<Allen> Yes Timbo
<Greg Jordan> I do Timbo
<Timbo> it could be along those same lines
<Princess> ewww, i wouldn’t swim in western australia
<Simon> yes, Timbo – it was brilliant, I thought
<Patrick W> Princess- yes, thank you – Oz production low on my list of “things to do” at the moment, but will be in touch.
<Dan> still on MTV now and again
<Princess> thanks patrick
<Patrick W> thank YOU!
<Timbo> there was a show on NBC called Get Real, but it was cancelled
<pete> Patrick – is ‘This Life’ going to get another series?
<Robbw> I barely remember that one
<Princess> i loved this life
<Patrick W> Pete – no.
<tash> its still on cable isn’t it?
<Simon> I don’t think this life will live again
<Patrick W> It’s probably a good thing
<Patrick W> will remain a cult
<Princess> btw, i asked before but my question got lost….Is stephen really as free and relieved as he appears at the end? do you consider it a happy ending or was there ever a thought of ending the play a different way as you wrote it patrick?
<Andy> One of my favorite characters in GR was Steven’s mom… was that character based on anyone real?
<Jeff> good one
<Patrick W> As If is similar in style – younger people -have I plugged As If enough yet?
<Dan> lol P
<Princess> i’ll definitely watch it patrick, i promise
<Simon> enough plugging – answer your questions
<Dan> lol
<Stasia> Will As If be seen on our side of the pond?
<Jeff> is there a chance to see As IF in Canada?
<Rosie.D.> as if
<Princess> i’m sure eventually
<William> Good Morning from Sydney
<Simon> hi
<tash> AS IF sounds like a must see P
<pete> William – author of Being Real?
<Patrick W> Am doing so!
<Jeff> hi William
<William> yes
<Princess> william, you only just got up, i stayed up all night
<Patrick W> Can I help it if my public is revisiting my past successes?
<William> just crawled out of bed
<Bella> lol
<Scottie2> lol
<alex> g’day wills…welcome
<Greg> you are not talking about the loo Patrick
<Patrick W> NO!
<Jeff> To Patrick and Simon, Being Real (fanfic) is really a good one!!!
<Princess> yeah
<Simon> I must catch up on it
<Timbo> yes patrick, if u haven’t read being real u should
<Scottie2> Patrick and Simon , what do you think of the Ben Silverstone Website
<Patrick W> Am about to write a new fanfic – “Steven Is Really Straight!”
<Princess> read mine, the Cassy ones, no on second thoughts don’t read it
<Dan> lol
<Simon> I think it is amazing
<Greg> lol
<Timbo> ROFLOL@Patrick!!!
<Greg> lol@P
<vyvrik & nentner> read jeans, esp personal problems
<Jeff> Princess! dont say that!
<Scottie2> thank you Simon
<William> Patrick how do you feel about people writing stories based on your play
<Patrick W> This site is amazing!
<Timbo> Hi Jeremy!
<Patrick W> Flattered
<jeremy> hi timbo
<Scottie2> thank you Patrick
<pete> i’m blushing again πŸ™‚
<jeremy> and all
<Dan> an its all your fault…..:)
<KevinC> we’re all hoping we don’t get sued
<Princess> you know we chat this time every week, you can come whenever you want
<tash> yes pete’s done a fabulous job…:)
<Simon> Thanks!
<Jeff> about the way they approach it? does it seem alright with the way you wrote Get Real?
<Patrick W> will look in.
<Stasia> They’d rather stick needles in their eyes
<Scottie2> you already do P
<Patrick W> every writer had their own style and different things to say.
<William> Patrick is there going to be a Sydney production of What’s Wrong with Angry
<Patrick W> hey, we’re here, aren’t we?
<Princess> yes we all have a different idea of how the story continues in our minds
<Stasia> πŸ™‚
<Patrick W> William – hope so, but not till next year
<Allen> Patrick, Simon…what were you’re first reactions hearing about this site and others like it(but pale in comparison)
<jeremy> Patrick, I wanted to personally thankyou for your kind reply to my e-mail i sent you regarding GR and its profound effect on me. Thanks Patrick, it was good of you to reply.
<Jeff> it is okay Bill!
<Mike> As selfish as it is, that’s why I write my FanFic; so the characters live on the way I want them to
<pete> and I hope we’ll have a GR meet at the opening night in Oz!
<Timbo> Hey is Brad still acting in London’s Burning or is that show still on?
<William> It’s amazing how patient I can be Patrick (re play)
<Patrick W> you’re very welcome. Thanks for your kind words and support
<Princess> true mike
<Simon> Allen – I was flattered
<Bill> What about melbourne ? i can almost afford the train fare to Melbourne
<Jeff> still the “realistic ending” eh? It is the reason I wrote too…
<vyvrik & nentner> didn’t he die in london’s burning?
<Scottie2> Simon and Patrick, just wanted to say thank you to you both for giving up your valuable time chat with us
<vyvrik & nentner> he looked dead anyway
<Princess> ditto scottie
<Rosie.D.> gotta go,its been great fun. hope to
catch you’all somewhen soon..
<Simon> it ‘s a pleasure
<Greg Jordan> Timbo I understand he left the series…
<Mike> Well, John doesn’t get pregnant, so I guess it’s realistic
<Patrick W> you’re welcome
<Greg Jordan> He’s supposedly in the states now
<Timbo> really?
<Princess> i hope he makes it into a good movie
<Timbo> LA or NYC?
<pete> are there any more questions for Simon and Patrick?
<Jeff> did yo hear about his project? (Simon and Patrick)
<Greg Jordan> dunno
<Dan> LA
<Simon> Sorry – I lost touch – which project?
<Jeff> Brad’s
<Patrick W> which [project?
<Timbo> whatever Brad Gorton is working on
<tash> yes thank you Simon and Patrick for coming here tonight/this morning..:)
<Dan> this afternoon
<KevinC> I just thought of something obscure and trivial if there’s time to ask
<Bill> Oh, Patrick i did want to say that monarch of the glen is pretty big down here
<Bill> where I am anyway
<jeremy> Simon, no question, just thanks from my heart on directing such a great flick!
<Patrick W> cool
<Greg> yes ….. thank you very much …. it is much appreciated
<Andy> We have enjoyed this immensely…. just like the film… cheers to a great film gentlemen….
<Stasia> Patrick and Simon: We’re not worthy
<pete> >applause<
<Greg> ditto
<Scottie2> applause
<William> clap clap clap
<Dan> standing and applauding….Simon, Patrick W and Pete
<Robbw> ditto
<Timbo> ,standing ovation!!!!
<Allen> Patrick and Simon….Thanks so much for taking the time to visit!
<Greg> and thank you Pete
<Andy> applause!!!1
<alex> Thanks to Simon Patrick and Pete!!!!
<Princess> encore
<Allen> HERE HERE!
<Greg Jordan> yes many many thanks
<vyvrik & nentner> πŸ™‚
<Patrick W> Simon, I need to go to the loo now, as FAT as possible
<Jeff> there is not much information… πŸ™ sadly. Can you ask him to contact the web master or something, so we can be updated with his professional projects?
<Bella> Thanks Guys
<alex> Be Happy!!!! and Type Phat!!!
<Mike> I have a question for Pete. How difficult was it to first get into contact with Simon, when you began this site?
<Scottie2> lol @p
<pete> er, Simon called me in the run up to the Pilgrimage πŸ™‚
<Allen> Let’s excuse Patrick before he bursts….
<Jeff> thank you Patrick, a pleasure eto chat with you. Good film again !!!!!
<Bill> yes do
<Princess> we all get so excited for days before and after
<Simon> CU monday, patrick
<Scottie2> bye to both of you
<pete> thank you both
<Princess> thank you
<Dan> thanks
<Simon> Bye – and thanks to you all. It was fun.
<Bella> Thanks Simon and Patrick
<Andy> Thanks Simon… keep up the good work!
<Doug> thanks
<Princess> you guys are great
<Timbo> we look forward to your nest great
<Jeff> great appplause for Simon and PAtrick and Pete!!!!
<Robbw> Thank you Simon and Patrick
<Stasia> You rock!
<Bill> I can’t explain how much the movie meant to me, but thanks,
<William> I knew I should’ve got up earlier
<Andy> applause…..!!!
<Greg Jordan> Please keep us up ro date!! Bye!!
<jeremy> Pete you are unbelievable!!! How do you do it!
<Princess> ha, ha william
<Simon> bye
–> [Simon] has left the Chat room
<Patrick W> Yep – night all, Match Of The Day beckons – that’s important to us butch soccer loving English types.
<pete> lol
<Scottie2> lol@P
<Robbw> lol
<Princess> you just like David Beckham
<Andy> bye Patrick… all the best to you….
<Allen> Night Patrick….Thanks!
<Timbo> thanks Patrick please come back sometime
<Robbw> I do Princess
<Jeff> love soccer too, played ten years…go on then it must be nice to have soccer on TV!!!!
<pete> thank you patrick
<Bill> see ya’
<Scottie2> thanks Patrick
<Princess> us too
–> [Patrick W] has left the Chat room
<Jeff> as it is for us!!!!!
<Mike> that was fun
<Allen> Pete…..u da MAN!
<Princess> hhhhhhhaaaaaaa, that was so cool
<Andy> Pete… this was great….
<pete> thanks to everyone for a great session

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