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Many thanks are owed to Rodrigo from Salt Lake City, Utah, who not only put together the piece below but also contributed the Get Real article. Thanks Rodrigo!

These are the terms that I found to be different while reviewing the movie Get Real on DVD with the captioning on so that I could read the dialogue. I am by no means an authority on British or American slang, but I hope that this will prove enlightening.

My thanks to the following websites for helping to clear up the meaning of some of the more ambiguous terms:

Dictionary of English slang and colloquialisms of the UK

British Slang Definition American Slang
Arsenal supporter A supporter of London football club, Arsenal, although in context used more likely to mean thug bully
ball school dance dance, prom
blagging to lie, use clever talk lying, two-faced
Blimey! an exclamation of surprise Hey! Well, well! Wow!
bloke unknown man guy, dude
bloody an intensifier for an exclamation as in, bloody fool damned
Bloody hell! an exclamation of surprise or frustration Good god!
bollocks testicles balls, nads (gonads)
Bollocks! an exclamation of frustration. Oh, no!
Cheers! an exclamation of gratitude or goodbye Thanks! or goodbye
cinema movie theatre movies
cox (short for coxswain)
From the line, “I hear the rowing team at Oxford has their best cox.”
one who steers a small boat, directs the crew obvious homonym for cocks (penises)
dodgy suspicious, strange, different queer, odd
fag cigarette or homosexual (faggot) smoke
fancy to like, want like
git disliked male, idiot, contemptible dink, dork, geezer
head boy senior student leader senior class president
head (short for headmaster) a person heading the staff of a school principal
I’ll nip home to go quickly, often implying a return dash, run
If you don’t pull at the ball. to seduce score
lads young boys boys
loo lavatory bathroom
mate a friend. also a means of addressing an unknown person buddy, pal
Mum Mother Mom
notice board a board for posting notices or bulletins bulletin board
Oh, bugger! an exclamation of annoyance, frustration Christ! Oh, crap!
pervs (short for perverts) a person given to perversions perverts
pillock idiot, fool. formerly meant penis but is now considered inoffensive silly, stupid
pissed intoxication by excessive alcohol consumption drunk
PMT – Pre-Menstrual Tension a woman’s period PMS – Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, on the rag
poof (short for poofter or puff) a homosexual, usually an effeminate male twink
porn mag pornographic magazine girlie mag
prat fool, idiot sucker
pratting around to act foolishly, annoyingly goofing around, fooling around
public bog toilet public restroom
put the door on the latch Normally referring to Yale locks, where the latch holds the spring open leave the door unlocked
queer-bashed an assault of a gay person gay-bashed
randy lewd, lustful horny
row to fight or argue falling out
shagging fornicating, more polite than fucking screwing
Sod this! an intolerant exclamation Screw this!
taking the piss to ridicule or cruelly joke at someone’s expense yanking your chain, teasing
tart promiscuous – usually a female of loose moral character, but now typically includes males easy, ‘ho (whore), slut
tosser idiot, unpleasant, contemptible person. also could refer to one who masturbates (to toss off, jerk off) jerk-off
wanker idiot, unpleasant, contemptible person jerk, dickhead
willy penis – usually an affectionate or humorous reference weenie, peepee

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