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When Get Real launched in the UK, Ben made the front cover of Gay Times magazine. Actually, Gay Times published two versions of the cover, one with Ben and the other with co-star Brad Gorton. Personally I think we all know which was the one to snap up.

The cover story “After Nathan & Stuart” refers to the Channel 4 drama series, ‘Queer As Folk’, which had just finished its first run on British TV when Get Real hit the screens. Queer As Folk, although it caused much controversy, was also Channel 4’s biggest success.

Gay Times competitor, Attitude, also did a piece on the release of Get Real in the UK in their May 99 edition. Although Ben didn’t make the cover of this one (that honour was reserved for teenie-idol Adam Rickitt), Attitude’s Damon Smith wrote a very good interview piece with both Ben and Brad. They also organised a photo session, lucky for us.

The images below are from Stargalaxy.

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