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After I listened properly to the soundtrack album from Get Real, it became quite clear that these tracks weren’t just thrown together. Each of the (quite diverse) songs seems to have its own special meaning in the context of the film. However, you should realise that two of the tracks on the soundtrack album didn’t actually appear in the film – and one of the main tracks (Aretha Franklin’s fantastic ‘Think’, which closed the movie as Steven & Linda drive off), didn’t make it onto the album. That said, the soundtrack is an essential item for any Get Real fan.

Presented below are my own thoughts on each of the tracks.

If you want to get a copy of the album for yourself, follow the appropriate link to either (for the USA) or (for Europe). Enjoy!


Track One: Staying Out For The Summer / Dodgy
This is a classic summer track – typical roof off the car sort of thing. And the irony that the band’s name is ‘Dodgy’ is not lost on me. Used at the beginning of the film when we’re first introduced to The Belvedere School, this track sets the scene that these are the last couple of weeks of term. Even the track’s title suggests it could have almost been written with Steven Carter in mind. A real anthem.

Track Two: Word Up/ Cameo
At the school disco, this is the first track we hear. On one hand it’s exactly the sort of thing you’d expect DJ Dave to be playing, but then the lyrics such as ‘acting like a fool’ and ‘no romance’ which accompany the doe-eyed Steven’s stares across the dance floor at John Dixon have an altogether different meaning.

Track Three: Shine / Liberty Horses
Although this track makes a very brief appearance – while Steven is making breakfast for John – it fits the moment perfectly. It’s an optimistic and melodic track which reminds me of the score to the movie musical Zero Patience.

Track Four: Ready To Go / Republica
This song isn’t actually in Get Real, although I think it could have easily made a contribution with its aggressive, ‘in yer face’, ‘I’m here, so what?’ kind of attitude. This track almost reminds me of the days of hi-energy down at Heaven in London. Ah, memories…!

Track Five: Play That Funky Music White Boy / Dave Danger and the Chris Cawte Funk Band
Steven gets down dancing with Linda at the school disco to this track. It’s almost too cool a track for the DJ (Dave) to play, however it really is a classic up there with US3’s Cantaloupe Island. Turn your stereo up loud.

Track Six: Swings – Opening Titles / The Munich Symphony Orchestra
Who can forget Steven Carter’s opening lines – “I came late to sex”, on the swings in the park with his best friend Mark and bad advice. The theme that haunts and inspires us throughout the movie starts here.

Track Seven: You Are So Beautiful / The Munich Symphony Orchestra
A special recording of this classic for the amazingly powerful scene where, although Steven is dancing with Linda and John with Christina, they really are dancing together. This track makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck every time I hear it.

Track Eight: Love Is All Around / The Troggs
Made famous by the British movie ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, this track adds subliminal comedy. The scene is the public toilet, the lyrics are ‘love is all around’, ‘if you really love me, come on and let it show’, the list goes on.

Track Nine: Inbetweener / Sleeper
This is the second track on the album that isn’t actually in the film – but hey, this turned out to be one of my favourites. This could almost be Linda’s Theme!

Track Ten: Realisation – Score / The Munich Symphony Orchestra
Another brief moment of the repeating theme of the movie. Used many times, but first at the point Steven attempts to kiss John after the public toilet scene.

Track Eleven: El Tranquilandia / North Pacific Drift
Almost background music, soothing and trance like.

Track Twelve: Beautiful One / Milk and Honey Band
When Steven spends the weekend with John, this is the track playing upon his arrival. A great track, with equally good lyrics to match the mood such as ‘summer – just you and me’.

Track Thirteen: OM-23 / Drug Free America
Another track from the school disco, used in the background when Kevin makes his failed attempt to hit on ‘cuddly’ Linda.

Track Fourteen: Get Real Suite – End Titles / The Munich Symphony Orchestra
The original music composed for Get Real is a combination of anticipation, the unknown, desire, and hope. I love these short riffs – they remind me vividly of moments from the movie.

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