Simon & Ben’s Chat Session

Simon Shore appeared in live chat on this site on the 4th November 2000. As a little surprise for us, he also invited Ben Silverstone along too. Here’s the transcript of what went on on that memorable night.

–> [Simon] has joined the Chat room
<Pete> Hi Simon!
<DavidLA> it’s on then?
<Simon> Hi
<Pete> Yup, you’re a better kisser
<Scottie2> Hi Simon
<Dan> he he
<Dan> Hi Simon
<Laurie> Hi kids – Hi Simon
<Vyvrik & nentner> hi Simon
<Pete> Simon – so, do you want to tackle the first question?
<Gregoriz> Hi Mr Simon
<Simon> Hi this is fun – I’ve never been to a chat room before
<Simon> Hi Gregoriz
<KevinC> <—– standing and applauding
<Pete> I think a lot of people want to know about the chances of a sequel?
<Dan> ditto
<Scottie2> ditto
<Simon> Well, we have no plans for a sequel at the moment, I’m afraid
<Pete> Even if it turns out to be a ‘cult’ movie? πŸ™‚
<KevinC> is there something that would change the prospects for a sequel, or is it really just out of the question?
<Simon> I’m not saying it would never happen; just that we have no plans for one at the moment. I guess if we were to do a sequel, it would be good to wait a bit longer, till the characters are all a bit older.
<Pete> True… ok – the floor is open. Who has a question?
<DavidLA> you know my question…
<Pete> Simon, what sort of film stock did you use? The colours are particularly vibrant
<Simon> Well, if you really want to know it was Kodak Eastman, but the colours have got a lot to do with the design and the cinematography.
<DavidLA> post production?
<Simon> Well, we did spend a lot of time grading it (what you call timing it in the US) but we didn’t treat it in any special way or use any tricks in the lab.
<DavidLA> Where special filters used like John Huston did to get the skies so blue and clouds so white?
<Simon> Not sure exactly what filters Alan used, he may have used a polar filter on exteriors for this effect…
<Vyvrik & nentner> at the end of the film it seems that john is totally annihilated? Did u see this as an act of writer’s revenge (from nentner)?
<Simon> The outcome of the John character was, to some extent, Patrick wreaking revenge, yes. I in fact encouraged him to make Steven a bit nicer to him that he had been in earlier drafts.
<Hiroshi> What was Steven like in earlier drafts?
<Simon> In some ways, he was more bitter and angry (more like he was in the play).
<Scottie2> Did you enjoy making the film
<Simon> Yes – enormously.
<Hiroshi> What made you decide to direct the film?
<Simon> I went to see the play in London and thought it was fantastically funny and very moving and done in a way I hadn’t seen in a film before. Decided by halfway through the play I wanted to make a film of it.
<Pete> Which production of the play was the one you saw first?
<Simon> Battersea Arts Centre – the second production
<Vyvrik & nentner> in a way john is the more interesting one – Stephen’s dilemma seems more to do with sex but john’s to do with love?
<Simon> Re John: I think it is the other way round!
<DavidLA> What exactly was the relation with Paramount? Were they brought in early?
<Simon> Paramount came in very late – after the film was finished and had won prizes in two film festivals. No criticism of them; that’s how they found out about it.
<Dan> Simon, first thanks for making a film that changed my life, second did Ben contribute to his character or did he pretty much follow the script?
<Timbo> good question Dan
<Simon> I’m humbled to know that the film has changed people’s lives. Ben contributed on many levels. The words are all Patrick’s, but there are a million ways in which an actor makes the part real by using his or her own experiences and emotions.
<Dan> thanks!
<Gregoriz> A question from Gregoriz (the only French tonight). Music and lyrics are very important in my point of view. Who chose the music and why this music?
<Simon> Bonsoir Gregoriz – je reponds en Anglais car j’ecris encore moins vite en francis. It’s hard to give a short answer though.
<Gregoriz> you speak French!! Good news πŸ˜‰
<Simon> I chose the music – along with all the cast who made a lot of suggestions. I’m very wary of specific lyrics in films because they never fit perfectly…
<Timbo> the music was bang on
<Gregoriz> but “love is all around”…
<Pete> here here!
<Laurie> shouldn’t that be “hear hear” πŸ™‚
<Pete> I thought that, but well…
<Gregoriz> LOL
<Simon> Love is all around was something we thought of during post-prod. I wanted to make the scene less dark and more comic
<Gregoriz> thank you for your answer
<Scottie2> Are you producing anything at the moment?
<Simon> Right now, I’m working on a comedy about identical twins – hope to shoot in the spring.
<Timbo> very kewl Simon
<Pete> Simon, you worked with the French translation?
<Simon> I did talk to the woman who did the subtitles for France, yes. Unfortunately some of Patrick’s jokes don’t travel
<Pete> The staging in the play was very different
<Simon> Funnily enough, the three or four most important scenes are very similar to how they were staged in the play
<Simon> John coming out of cottage, Steven beaten up in locker room, etc
<Timbo> I watched it again last nite with friends and got a lot of different reactions
<KevinC> when Steven is sitting on the bench looking back saying, “C’mon, c’mon, come out.” the lyric playing is “if you really love me, c’mon and let it show.” was that deliberate or just a delightful coincidence?
<Simon> the way the words fit to the picture were all very intentional. We edited some of the songs to fit, in fact
<Timbo> amazing!!
<DavidLA> We know of the films artistic merit, but would you classify it as a commercial success as well?
<Slayrdave> lets talk money
<Vyvrik & nentner> do u think the film is a “gone with the wind” for the gay community πŸ™‚ that’s why everyone wants a sequel nentner
<Slayrdave> did the film make money?
<Dan> whew!
<Simon> It’s hard to define commercial success. The backers got their money back and all want to work with me again – that’s a start!
<Timbo> yippee!!!
<Jean> congrats!
<Slayrdave> wonderful !!!!
<Scottie2> Will there be a DVD for Region 2 coming out, and if so will it have the deleted scenes in it?
<Simon> Region 2 DVD due in January, I think. Deleted scenes not very likely, I’m afraid. Distributors won’t want to pay.
<Rodrigo> Simon, did you originally intend the film for a worldwide audience?
<DavidLA> Still no product lines …No Steven toys at McDonalds…
<Dan> LOL
<Tony> lol
<Scottie2> LL
<Scottie2> LOL
<Simon> Well, I think McDonalds is the LAST place we’d get Steven toys!
<Pete> Simon, I kinda asked this at the Pilgrimage, but it’s worth asking again. Did you realise the film would get *this* reaction?
–> [Ben] has joined the Chat room
<Dan> Hi Ben
<Simon> Yes, that’s the Ben
<Pete> Hi Ben. It’s an honour! Really
<Scottie2> Hi Ben
<DavidLA> no way!
<Ben> Hello.
<Pete> Yes way
<Laurie> Wow – I feel kinda queasy!
<Rodrigo> Ben RULES!!!
<Simon> Hi Ben – we must stop meeting like this
<Pete> I knew this was happening πŸ™‚
<Scottie2> BEN RULES
<Timbo3> Hi Ben
<Laurie> you’re a trickster, Pete
<slayrdave> Ben #1
<Dan> I can’t believe it……sigh
<Ben> Hi guys.
<Timbo> hi Ben!
<Simon> How were the fireworks, Ben?
<KevinC> applause applause applause applause
<Scottie2> you’re a fabulous actor Ben πŸ™‚
<Pete> Ben, I have to ask… what was happening in Mexico over the summer?
<Dan> Standing and applauded
<DavidLA> Waiting for your next film
<Ben> Ah!! I’m trying to keep up with all the questions
<Laurie> hope you’re a touch-typist, Ben!
<Slayrdave> everyone quite – let him talk
<Ben> Mexico was great, Pete. I just bummed around for a couple of months: the rumours about films were greatly exaggerated!
<Pete> Pity πŸ™‚
<Pete> Ben, I directed this question at Simon earlier. Did you realise the film would get *this* reaction?
<Ben> I didn’t expect to be sitting in a college computer room talking to lots of disembodied names, but we did hope the film would make an impression.
<Timbo> lol
<Scottie2> it did πŸ™‚
<Dan> Ben, I just have to say Thanks, very big Thanks!
<Rodrigo> Well, you all did and I’m certainly very grateful!!!
<DavidLA> even to us older ones
<Vyvrik & nentner> hi Ben so does anyone think its a gay “gone with the wind”? That’s why everyone wants a sequel?:)
<Vyvrik & nentner> from nentner by the way!
<Ben> I mean, we certainly hoped that the film would tell truths about people’s lives, that there’d be a personal and emotional reaction to the film – which there seems to have been.
<Vyvrik & nentner> vyvrik is feeling shy!
<Slayrdave> Its a story about life…………. real life
<Ben> was there a sequel to gone with the wind?
<Timbo> lol@ben
<Vyvrik & nentner> yes but it didn’t work!
<Cassy;-)> there was a sequel to gone with the wind- but it was bad
<KevinC> maybe we should consider that before we go begging for a GR sequel
<DavidLA> Ben, did you ever see the play performed live?
<Ben> no, I didn’t: Simons’s got a video that he promised all of us he’d uncover: but I hear that the play’s going to be put on in LA
<Pete> Patrick promised me the same thing… and I had to go to LA instead:)
<DavidLA> It has closed, helas!
<Ben> what do you lot think the sequel would be like?
<Simon> I’d have to ask the actors and a few other people, but I do have a video of the play
<Dan> GR, the College years….
<Timbo> it would be awe inspiring!!
<Scottie2> ditto
<DavidLA> I like picking up the characters many years later…as adults
<Pete> Personally, I wouldn’t want to see a sequel. It would never live up to the imagination of what *might* have happened
<Vyvrik & nentner> that’s right
<Gregoriz> Simon: Why GR was release in so few screens in France?
<Hiroshi> none in Japan
<Vyvrik & nentner> only art house cinemas in Perth
<DavidLA> very few in “Flyover America”
<Simon> We don’t know, Gregoriz, the distributors didn’t do us many favours. It opened in quite a lot of places, but at a bad time and some places only lasted a week.
<Slayrdave> the story needs to continue
<Ben> I think part of the reality of the film is that it’s ending is unresolved: that you have to fill in the gaps at the end of the film
<Scottie2> that’s true
<Slayrdave> that’s what’s killing us
<Vyvrik & nentner> yeah, just read the fan fiction page instead
<Timbo> just like in real life
<Dan> Ben, are you enjoying college life? Working hard?
<Ben> I’m being an extremely reprobate student, Dan
<Dan> πŸ™‚
<DavidLA> That final scene is in my opinion the best acted, so much unsaid and left to non verbal communication. Kudos, it’s very hard to portray emotion when NOT speaking in a visual medium
<Dan> true
<Sue> Hi Ben, do you keep in touch with any of the other actors you worked with in Get Real?
<Slayrdave> truly a rare thing in film
<Gregoriz> Simon, I am agree with you, GR released the week of the Gay Pride in Paris and during the summer
<Vyvrik & nentner> Ben and Simon do u get sick of talking about GR STILL 3 years down the track? Nentner
<Simon> Gregoriz – et aussi le jour de la fete du cinema…
<Hiroshi> no French pleeeese
<Ben> Simon loves talking about it – especially in ostentatious French
<Scottie2> lol
<Dan> LOL
<Laurie> lol@ben
<Gregoriz> oui mais dans seulement 6 salles Γ½ Paris, Paris qui est la ville qui possΓ‹de le plus d’Ècrans de cinÈma au monde devant Londres et New York!
<Simon> No – I don’t get sick of it (I don’t exactly do it every day) and it’s a thrill to think that that film has had such an effect on people
<Dan> it has….sigh
<Pete> <applauds>
<Gregoriz> on me it’s sure..
<Dan> more applause…
<Laurie> Ben – as sue asked, do u still keep in touch with anybody from the film?
<DavidLA> How many takes did it need for the tracking shot in the dance hall scene?
<Simon> David, it took about five I think; although the first one was great. It just kept getting better!
<Slayrdave> anyone talked to Brad G.
<Simon> I keep in touch with Brad. I tried to get him to attend the pilgrimage, but he was busy (or shy)
<DaveP> Is he a shy guy?
<Simon> I think all actors are a bit shy when they’re not acting
<Slayrdave> can’t blame um
<Rodrigo> Ben, you could tell us a little about how you prepared to play Steven.
<Rodrigo> What did you draw on?
<Ben> for research on Steven: I looked mainly within myself, at what I’d been through in my teenage life – and at what my friends had experienced: I think many teenagers can empathise with the confusion, the need to be understood, but the inability to make o
<Ben> I think I wrote a bit too much in that last answer: what I meant was that trying to break free from the constraints that others put on you in your teenage years: wanting to make yourself heard – is a common experience
<Timbo> very nicely put Ben
<Pete> Ben – please tell us you will be continuing your acting career after Trinity. And, what’s then next thing you’re up to at Trinity (stage wise)?
<Ben> I’m going to concentrate on my work for a while: there’s a production of “dangerous liaisons” next term, which sound interesting – I kind of fancy the John Malkovich part!
<Timbo> heck yeah!!!
<DaveP> great – go for it!
<Timbo> brutal acting
<slayrdave> cool
<Rodrigo> Thanks, Ben. That’s what I’ve learned here, that growing up gay isn’t so different from everybody else’s experiences.
<Ben> that’s true, Rodrigo: but being told you’re not allowed to love someone you love is an exceptionally difficult predicament
<Vyvrik & nentner> that’s the worst thing
<DaveP> boy you got that right!
<DavidLA> teenage years are difficult for all who don’t “fit in”
<Dan> difficult for everyone…
<Timbo> Ben does it seem a long time ago since you worked on GR?
<KevinC> Ben, your performance, perhaps more than anything else, is the reason we are having this conversation. You were incredible. As Steven’s father would ask, “Are you pleased with it?”
<Rodrigo> Keep us posted as to your work. You may get some of us travelling the world to follow your career, Ben!
<DavidLA> Ben, have you been peeking in here occasionally?
<Timbo> lol@DavidLA
<Gregoriz> Simon: you won all prizes in dinard and it was a “few” success in France, strange isn’t it?
<Simon> The success (or lack of success) of a film has got SO much to do with how much money is put into marketing and advertising. Good films do badly at the box office all the time…
<DavidLA> Yes, Simon, the: Schwarzenegger Syndrome”
<Gregoriz> Simon: thank you
<Ben> I can’t keep up with all of you! I am pleased with what we did on GR, but (and this may sound corny) it really was a team effort: the atmosphere on the set was such an important factor in the finished work
<Simon> I don’t think Arnie would have been as good as Ben, though, David
<Vyvrik & nentner> haha
<Pete> lol
<Timbo> lol
<Scottie2> lol
<Rodrigo> rofl
<Gregoriz> LOL
<DavidLA> The junk this town releases on the world…
<Pete> Ben, does it bother you that you have such a large gay fan base (Hey, it works for Madonna!)
<Ben> yeah, Pete: me and madge have a lot in common – the gay fan base, the dancing skills, the chequered reputation…!
–> [Timbo3] has left the Chat room
<Timbo> Arny and Brad … mmmm I don’t think so
<Dan> LOL, Ben
<Rodrigo> Was the dancing in GR choreographed or spontaneous?
<Ben> it was all spur of the moment stuff, Rodrigo
<Slayrdave> lets spend some money, get Paramount to release the film with a huge promotional package
<Timbo> yessss slayrdave
<DavidLA> We can put Perky Dave in charge!
<Pete> lol@david
<Dan> so sweet, though…..sigh
<tony> Please not perky Dave
<Jean2> I got the sense that there was great chemistry between everyone involved in the production of GR.
<Simon> Paramount did well for a UK film with no known actors – it was in Europe that the distributors didn’t know how to sell it
<Rodrigo> That’s probably why it looks so real, it was!
<Pete> Simon/Ben – Perky Dave was our tour guide at Paramount last month
<DavidLA> so perky, so cute so wrong
<Pete> that’s Perky with a capital P
<Ben> is perky Dave as perky as he sounds?
<Gregoriz> Simon: why GR wasn’t dubbing in France?
<Timbo> lol@davidLA
<tony> Perky but dull
<Rodrigo> It was his hair that made Perky Dave the man he was/is
<Pete> Perky but not sure of his facts πŸ™‚
<tony> and always will be
<Simon> Gregoriz – money. Cheaper to subtitle. Same problem
<Timbo> now ur just being mean!!LOL
<Ben> you lot sound difficult to please!
<Pete> Ben, don’t worry, you did the job well πŸ™‚
<DavidLA> Seems to be endemic at Paramount
<Gregoriz> ok, so I ask you the same 4 questions since 1 hour? πŸ˜‰
<Simon> Ben and I have been to Paramount, but I don’t think we met Perky Dave
<DavidLA> Just Ellen and Anne
<Simon> Yes, they were good fun
<Dan> Ben, any other film work we should be watching for?
<Jean2> or stage work?
<Ben> keep your eyes peeled, I’m going to get my degree and then see if I can make a go of acting: it’s the thing I love doing more than (almost) anything else
<Dan> bravo, Ben
<Scottie2> ditto
<Pete> hurrah!
<Timbo> yeah!
<Rodrigo> You go GUY!
<DaveP> great – do it!
<Vyvrik & nentner> well what s the other thing
<Timbo> key work (almost) <snicker>
<Ben> thank you
<Timbo> Ben how strange is it to look at the top of the screen and read BENCHAT?
<Ben> it is kind of weird to see my electronic face plastered across a computer screen, but I think I could get used to it!
<DavidLA> get used to it! Soon footprint in cement! Simon with his own star on the Boulevard!
<Cassy;-)> all my life I never stop talking, and now I can’t think of a single, intelligent question to ask
<Pete> Ben, when can I advertise a chat session with yourself? πŸ™‚
<DavidLA> Ben did you enjoy the Arturo Ui production? Will we see you in a Simon produced “Three Penny Opera”?
<Scottie2> Thank you Ben for coming into chat with us tonight:)
<Dan> yes, thanks!
<Vyvrik & nentner> in Edinburgh in Aug I thought I saw brad Gorton thru a bus window!
<Timbo> kewl
<Dan> we enjoy it!
<Gregoriz> yes
<Scottie2> Also thank you to Simon for chatting with us πŸ™‚
<Dan> ditto
<Simon> Thanks, it was fun
<Ben> it’s a pleasure, scottie2 and dan
<Timbo> Pete would u tell Ben and Simon thank you so much from all of us?
<Cassy;-)> I doubt any of us will ever recover
<Rodrigo> Thanks to Ben, Simon and all the rest for understanding us and being brave enough to tackle the subject matter in GR!!!
<Sue> Yes Ben and Simon, thanks for brightening my evening – sure beats watching who wants to be a millionaire!
<Slayrdave> call 911
<Vyvrik & nentner> thankyou
<Dan> Ben, would you get a Hotmail address and let us know so we could all send you the occasional e-mail?
<Pete> Ben & Simon, I hope you realise how loved you really are. Thank you for making such a fabulous film (and I don’t use the F word lightly) πŸ™‚
<Vyvrik & nentner> it is dawn here
<DavidLA> and let us know any forthcoming projects! Both of you!
<Timbo> oh damn talk about a deluge!
<KevinC> thank you both so much. You’re lovely
<Timbo3> Thanks Ben and Simon!:)
<Laurie> this is definitely very cool – thanks Simon and Ben
<Cassy;-)> ta- and ditto
<Simon> So, no more questions, then?
<DaveP> thanks both of you – glad I got into some of this.
<Gregoriz> will you project to make a GR2?
<Pete> Oh, probably, Simon πŸ™‚
<Ben> I have to confess, I was slightly nervous about this e-chat thing, but you’ve made it worth missing the fireworks for
<Slayrdave> don’t go!!!!!!!
<Vyvrik & nentner> loads but everyone seems to be winding up
<DaveP> When are either of you coming to Ca??
<Dan> great, Ben
<Laurie> yes, we didn’t mean to make it seem like you had to leave!!
<DavidLA> Is it Guy Fawkes Day already?
<Timbo> looking forward to many years of both of your careers
<Simon> Yes, Dave, they’re burning him as we speak
<Pete> Although it’s 9pm, Please stay as long as you can manage… I know people will appreciate it
<KevinC> gotta scram, guests arriving. Thank you Ben and Simon for such a wonderful film
<Vyvrik & nentner> got any toffee?
<Ben> it is indeed, DavidLA, but, hey, it looks like you’ve got fireworks of your own right here
<Laurie> toffee?
<Dan> yes, and you guys are the reason for them….
<DaveP> I remember Guy F when I was in Scotland
<vyvrik & nentner> yeah for guy fawkes nite
<Pete> Simon, do you have any of those email questions outstanding?
<Simon> Can’t remember, Pete
<Dan> who the heck is Guy Fawkes….?
<Gregoriz> Simon: what ‘s about Charlotte Brittain?
<Scottie2> Ben do you get wolf whistled at by the girls in Cambridge, you are very handsome
<Ben> they never stop, scottie2, I can hardly move for the sounds of wolves whistling in my ears
<Dan> LOL
<Timbo> lol@ben
<DavidLA> What I want to know is the bedroom scene. All in one shot, Ben quietly reacting as Brad speaks. I know Hitcock developed a technique were you can pull camera away and still keep all in focus. Was this a particularly difficult one?
<DaveP> Yeah, that bedroom scene – how many takes did that take?
<Timbo> it seemed like it would be a difficult take
<Hiroshi> What was the most difficult part to direct, Simon?
<Simon> Not sure exactly what you mean David. It was one take, obviously; the focus moves at different moments from one to the other…
<Slayrdave> what about a sequel? There is a small chance it could happen?
<vyv & nentner> forget the sequel!
<Rodrigo> Ben, any comments about The Browning Version?
<Pete> good question Rodrigo
<Ben> My god you remember that far back, Rodrigo! It was a real learning experience for me – but I was only 14, so I don’t think I took it as seriously as I should have done!
<Rodrigo> It was a great movie in my opinion. Very moving indeed
<Pete> Ben – can we convince you to join Simon at a Get Real event next year?
<Timbo> I’m there!
<Laurie> me too
<Slayrdave> count me in
<DavidLA> I’ll bring lasagne!
<Scottie2> I’m in
<Timbo> lasagne mmmm
<Ben> Pete: I’d love to meet some of the people behind the names here – if you send me the details I’ll see what I can do!
<Tony> Dave makes a good one too
<Rodrigo> I’d visit again, too
<DavidLA> Saving pennies.
<Simon> most difficult scene was sportsday because Princess Diana died that day; everyone depressed and none of the extras turned up!
<Scottie2> Great Ben, we will look forward to that
<Timbo> very kewl indeed
<Sue> Rodrigo, if you are going, I will be there!!
<Pete> We have quite a community here, Ben, and you’re part of it!
<Rodrigo> So, Ben, did Mike Figgis really discover you?
<Gregoriz> I was in Manchester when Princess Diana died
<Slayrdave> very sad
<Dan> πŸ™
<Jean2> All the more credit to the actors for rising above a sad event.
<Simon> Well, we were in Basingstoke, and not many people can say that
<Pete> I remember that day well – must have been difficult for everyone on the crew
<Ben> ok, people, I’m going to leave the Real world for the real world: thank you SO much – have an excellent evening wherever you are. See you soon Simon and we’ll be in touch, Pete
<Timbo> true Simon
–> [Ben] has left the Chat room
<Scottie2> Bye for now Ben πŸ™‚
<Dan> bye Ben….sigh
<Timbo> that was awesome
<DavidLA> I feel like Bernadette in the grotto…
<Scottie2> too late as usual
–> [Ben] has joined the Chat room
<Dan> he’s back
<Timbo> lol wb Ben
<Pete> Hurrah!
<Gregoriz> DavidLA : grotte
<Timbo> thanks again Mr. Silverstone!
<Hiroshi> I wish you could stay, Ben
<Scottie2> Thanks Ben
<Laurie> Ben – you know we love you!
<Dan> Thanks so much, Ben!
<Scottie2> lots and lots
<Gregoriz> Thank you Ben
<Cassy;-)> thanks so much for doing this
<slayrdave> your #1 Ben
<Rodrigo> My deepest gratitude Mr. Silverstone!!!
<DavidLA> Have a good evening. We all admire your work and look forward to a long and productive career
<DaveP> thanks – and good luck Ben
<vyv & nentner> oh god calm down
<Ben> shit: I left too soon: I just wanted to say: thank you for all your incredible response to the film: it means a lot to me: keep it real. Bye.
<Pete> Hey, Simon, you’re pretty damn good too:)
<Timbo3> Thanks Ben
<Timbo> ROFLOL!!!!
<Sue> Nice ‘meeting’ you Ben
<Jean2> Thanks for stopping by, Ben.
–> [Ben] has left the Chat room
<Scottie2> bye Ben
<Timbo> wow
<Dan> I feel faint
<Scottie2> done it again
<Sue> And Simon, but we met already at the Pilgrimage
<Pete> *you* feel faint?
<DavidLA> is that heavenly music I hear?
<trist> thanks Ben…we all luv ya
<Timbo> Simon did u put him up to this?
<Rodrigo> Simon, I hope you don’t feel left out, but that was our first time with Ben!
<DavidLA> How did you arrange it, Pete, “fess up!
<Dan> Pete?
<Cassy;-)> somebody get some water in here
<Pete> Simon did the work on that one
<Scottie2> thank you Simon πŸ™‚
<Pete> Thank you Simon, a thousand times!
<Timbo> Thank you very much Mr. Shore!!!
<slayrdave> oxygen
<Simon> Yes, I called him during the week. And told Pete about an hour before session
<Rodrigo> Simon, do you now consider yourself a British director, or International?
<DavidLA> Yes and who are your influences?
<Simon> Well, if you think that kind of thing is important, I guess I’m a British director, yes.
<Dan> Thanks so much, Simon…!!!
<Rodrigo> I meant that more in the way of your target audience
<Timbo> Pete are u capturing a hard copy of this chat to post on site?
<Gregoriz> I wonder since the beginning of the talk why you talk about “sequel” witch in French is near”sequelle” and means “after-effects” πŸ˜‰
<Pete> Yes, Timbo!
<Dan> great, Pete
<Timbo> thanks Pete
<Laurie> You’re the man, Pete
<Simon> It’s too hard a question to reply to at this frenetic pace, David; too many influences…
<Cassy;-)> you mean I’ve been typing the whole thing out for no reason?!?
<Dan> LOL
<Timbo> I’m quiet from here on out
<Slayrdave> yes talk sequel to us
<Rodrigo> Simon, could you tell us how you got your start in the profession?
<Simon> Gregoriz – suite
<Pete> Perhaps I can suggest that if you have a question which requires a longer answer, I can email it to Simon later?
<Trist> yeah I’ve been wondering about that sequel thing too.
<Slayrdave> if its a money thing
<Simon> I worked in the theatre, then went to film school, then went to another film school then thought shit I’d better get a job
<Gregoriz> Simon: I looked in my dictionary and discovered the true πŸ˜‰
<Rodrigo> Where does one go to apply as a director?
<Timbo> teehee – Simon said shit
<Cassy;-)> so did Ben
<Simon> yes – emailing stuff to me via Pete might make sense
<Dan> hehe, so did Ben….:)
<trist> ahah..Well thankyou for someone finally clearing that up for me Laurie:)
<Simon> It’s not a real job; not a job where you have to work. It’s just an expression
<Pete> You all should know the email address – πŸ™‚
<Cassy;-)> Simon- I always wanted to be a director, what qualities do you need?
<Timbo> you chose a rare and wonderful career Simon
<Pete> And, you have a talent for it
<DavidLA> Are you planning a Hollywood \move soon?
<Rodrigo> Agreed, Pete!
<Dan> and gave us a rare and wonderful gift…..
<Simon> every director is different, so it’s hard to say.
<Slayrdave> watch out Spielberg
<Timbo> lol
<Simon> you’re too kind
<DavidLA> Take that, Altman!
<Jean2> Simon, the actors in GR seemed to really click so naturally with each other. Was there excellent chemistry or was it a matter of brilliant acting and direction (or all three!)?
<trist> Simon beats Speilberg in my book
<Rodrigo> Simon, do you prefer to stick to one genre or do you like to experiment?
<Pete> I think direction helped (or so I’ve heard)!
<Simon> I think it was a question of choosing the right people and then creating the atmosphere where they would do their best work
<Jean2> You succeeded
<Laurie> which you certainly did, Simon!
<Timbo> it was pure magic
<slayrdave> Simon = Artist
<Scottie2> sure did
<Dan> brilliantly
<trist> it was beautiful:)
<DavidLA> You ensembled a great cast, everyone perfect in their roles
<Gregoriz> Simon: do you have any news from charlotte brittain?
<Timbo> or stacy hart
<Timbo> love her
<DavidLA> STACY!
<Pete> She just missed the pilgrimage because of a wedding, would you believe?
<Laurie> so does Dave LA
<Gregoriz> Pete: LOL
<DavidLA> If I weren’t “dodgy”…
<Simon> Rodrigo, I don’t really think about genre. Next film is comedy with an edge – the one after that is going to be a thriller, I think
<Pete> it’s true πŸ™‚
<Cassy;-)> Simon- if you ever need people to booster your morale, I think we’ve proved we’re the bunch
<DaveP> hey, gotta go – glad I caught part of this – Thanks SO much Simon for your “gift” to us.
<trist> oh yeah
<hiroshi> I really don’t understand, does dodgy means kind of gay?
<Pete> Dave, great to hear from you again!
<DavidLA> Later Dave, enjoy another perfect LA day!
<Dan> yes, hiroshi…..
<Pete> yes, hirsohi – dodgy is kinda gay
<Dan> hehe
<hiroshi> thanx
<DavidLA> Did anyone read for you who had a problem with appearing in a “gay” film?
<Timbo> do u have a final draft of the thriller Simon?
<Simon> I haven’t seen Charlotte for a while – last spoke to her when I told her she should have fainted at the wedding and come to the pilgrimage
<Dan> LOL
<Laurie> lol @ simon
<Scottie2> lol
<DavidLA> natch!
<Timbo> LOL@Simon, yes she is good at fainting
<Rodrigo> Well, Simon, if you can make sure they all are released in the US or made available on Region 1 DVD I’d be glad to follow your career as well!
<Dan> of course
<DavidLA> And buy tickets!
<Pete> Simon, another question – what’s it like for you as a director to be revered in such celebrity?
<Timbo> hear hear
<Dan> bravo bravo
<DavidLA> Simon will soon be walking the red carpet at the Shrine I predict!
<Gregoriz> lol@simon
<Simon> by the time we did readings with actors, we had already got past the stage of talking about the subject mater. Some people didn’t want to meet us because of subject, though – one or two…
<Pete> here we come πŸ™‚
<Dan> lol, Pet
<Dan> Pete
<Scottie2> yeah
<DavidLA> Brits so much more enlightened than us
<trist> lol
<Timbo> Pete did I read correctly that this site had had half million hits?
<Pete> Last month, yes
<Rodrigo> I’d be happy to assist with the spinoff site, Pete
<Simon> Sorry – trying to scroll up and read questions I’ve missed
<Timbo> wow
<Laurie> 499K of them were mine
<Pete> 514 thousand or so
<Dan> sorry, Simon, we do get carried away….
<DavidLA> I hit about 2x a day
<Timbo> were sorry Simon just excited
<slayrdave> Simon, c’mone lets talk SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!
<Dan> I love it…
<Gregoriz> and not “after-effects” πŸ˜‰
<Timbo> lol
<DavidLA> Sacre bleu!
<Cassy;-)> it’s not like the visitors to this site haven’t written enough sequels, you wouldn’t need to employ a script writer πŸ˜‰
<Pete> Simon, did you see the stats on the website?
<Dan> nope
<Simon> If you want a sequel, you first need to email
<Rodrigo> Simon, do you pick and choose projects or are you chosen for a project?
<Gregoriz> lol
<Simon> Yep I saw the stats, which are amazing
<Slayrdave> how about a blank check
<Pete> that email address is now in operation πŸ™‚
<DavidLA> Pete wastes no time
<Dan> Pete is the man
<hiroshi> Didn’t you work on the screenplay with Patrick? Any suggestions?
<trist> I gotta go…it’s been real (semi pun there) Simon you are a genius:) ciao
<Pete> Who needs to fluff when there’s questions to be answered πŸ™‚
<DavidLA> Pete was turning heads on Santa Monica Blvd
<Dan> ooh baby
<Simon> I do get offered things, as do all directors, but I prefer to develop my own stuff, usually working with a writer
<Scottie2> lol@ Rodrigo
<tony> you should have seen what Bella was doing
<DavidLA> Someone need to be Mankiewicz to Simon’s Orson Wells!
<Rodrigo> Simon, could you elaborate on this? Does this mean you really push to find financing, etc. to get the thing off of the ground?
<Timbo> wouldn’t that be great??!!!!
<Simon> the ideal thing is to come up with a fully formed idea then go out and get funding
<Timbo> okay how can we help?
<DavidLA> Called “pitching” in Hollywood parlance
<Rodrigo> I had no idea that you would be involved at so fundamental a level
<Simon> If we’re getting into flattering comparisons I’d prefer IAL Diamond / Billy Wilder
<slayrdave> what kind of money are we talking????
<Rodrigo> Yes, sir, Mr. Wilder/Shore!
<DavidLA> Perky Dave mentioned Wilder….
<Rodrigo> Afraid I’m not familiar with Al Diamond
<Timbo3> Simon – what scene in GR presented the greatest challenge in your opinion for the cast?
<Simon> slayrdave, not a good investment to back a film, believe me
<Slayrdave> Simon, would you only do a sequel if it’s penned by Patrick?
<Timbo> I think it was the race day Timbo3
<Simon> IAL Diamond was Billy Wilder’s collaborator and wrote most of his great American films (Some Like it Hot, The Apartment etc)
<Pete> More importantly, do you know what the play Patrick is penning right now πŸ™‚
<Timbo3> because of the lack of extras?
<slayrdave> for you Simon, money is no object
<DavidLA> The Life of Pete?
<Pete> lol
<Dan> lol
<DavidLA> With Madonna as “mo”
<Timbo> labor of love whether its a good investment on not
<tony> xxx rated
<Dan> eek
<Timbo> yikes!
<Simon> I believe that Patrick holds the sequel rights (ie the intellectual copyright to those characters), so technically it would have to be by him
<Pete> slayrdave – are you putting up the cash for Being Real?
<Timbo> mo are u up for that?
<Rodrigo> All told, about how many people did it take to create our beloved GR?
<Simon> Ask Patrick – he’ll tell you what he’s writing, I’m sure
<Scottie2> no, but I think Madonna would laugh her head off
<Pete> pity – he’s being quite tight lipped at moment
<DavidLA> I’ll pitch it Zanuck or at least Lynda Obst. Actually I know Lynda…
<Simon> Well, I think the full cast and crew list is posted on this site – that would give you a good idea, Rodrigo
<slayrdave> how many millions are we talking????
<Pete> well, GR cost about 2, (in sterling)….
<DavidLA> very inexpensive…
<Rodrigo> Truly a shoestring budget
<Pete> GR2 shouldn’t set you back more that 20m
<Simon> It’s true. we pulled a lot of favours, which you can’t do time after time
<Dan> hehe
<slayrdave> so a sequel would be at least double
<DavidLA> Why not? Zemeckis does!
<Timbo> I’ve got about ten or fifteen dollars to my name that I can lend
<Pete> or ten times..
<Simon> Arnie would want 20m just to play John
<Rodrigo> I wish there was some way to truly convey my thanks to everyone for GR
<Dan> lol, Simon
<Scottie2> Bye Timbo3
<DavidLA> I found $2.95 in the dryer…
<Pete> We’d want Brad to play John…
<Dan> a few quarters in the couch….
<Dan> and Ben to play Steven
<Gregoriz> bye timbo
<Pete> And charlotte, and stacy, etc
<slayrdave> all original cast a must
<Dan> righto
<Simon> OK everyone – thanks for listening – I have to go now – another time maybe
<Gregoriz> and linda’s brother?
<DavidLA> And Diana Rigg as the Evil Mrs Dixon
<Dan> hehe
<Laurie> bye Simon and THANKYOU
<Pete> Simon, you were a gem
<Scottie2> Bye Simon
<Slayrdave> Simon your #1
<Scottie2> thanks
<Dan> Simon, thanks so much for everything…..!!!!
<hiroshi> Bye, Simon
<Pete> thanks so much – we’ll chat soon (offline)
<DavidLA> Thank you ever so much, truly enlightening!
<Cassy;-)> goodbye and good luck
<Timbo> nite Simon and thank you so much!!
<Gregoriz> Merci beaucoup Simon
<Cassy;-)> rub it in pete
<Rodrigo> Thanks for EVERYTHING, Simon!!!
<Simon> thanks again and bye!
–> [Simon] has left the Chat room
<Pete> thanks to everyone for a great session

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