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Tim Harris (Kevin from Get Real) guest stars in AS IF

Yes, John’s bruiser mate Kev has popped up in the UK TV show ‘AS IF’. Now, if it’s not enough to see Tim Harris again, AS IF is penned by a team of writers that includes our very own Patrick Wilde. And, what’s more the show is put together by Carnival Films, which is the production comapny at which Get Real Producer Stephen Taylor is one of the main Producers. Life is full of little connections, is it not. Anyway, enough of the dialog, here’s some shots of Tim in the show – playing a character (very similar to Kevin) called Jono.

Jono (Tim) makes his first appearance at the bar of the local nightclub.

Jono chats up Sooz on the sofa.

Although Sooz looses Jono at the club, they run into each other later at the all-night cafe.

Before you know it, the tounge jousting has commenced.

But Sooz is not into it, so Jono tries on the puppy dog approach.

And that doesn’t work, so Jono loses his rag and leaves.

(All images (c) Carnival Films 2001)

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